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Stein "Salzglasur" without tinlid 0,5 L with engraving


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Product number: HB-IND-S-11963-04000001
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Product information "Stein "Salzglasur" without tinlid 0,5 L with engraving"

Your personal beer mug without a pewter lid 0.5 l with custom engraving!

Our salt-glazed jugs made of high-quality ceramics are a symbol of Bavarian drinking culture and are still made today using traditional craftsmanship. In many work steps, the beer mugs are turned by hand, kneaded, hand painted, salt glazed and fired in the oven. True connoisseurs swear by the advantages of this "Keferloher": the structured salt glaze surface keeps the carbon dioxide pearls so that the beer stays fresh and full in taste for longer. The stoneware also has an insulating effect, so your beer is at a pleasant temperature even on warm summer days.

Personal engraving:

Artisans engrave the desired text on the jug with a lot of feeling. The text is engraved to the right of the logo. Your text should have a length of max. Have 36 letters.

Your personal jug is made individually by the artisan and is unique. Therefore, these mugs cannot be exchanged. Delivery time 14 days after order.


Füllmenge: 0,5 L
Material: Keramik